Reclaim your...

sense of self, get clarity, find purpose & build a soulfully aligned life around your strengths.

Tired of feeling uninspired?
Lost all sense of creativity?
Wondering how to get your spark back?

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I help you uncover your soul’s secrets and find your way back to the path you were meant for. My unique process combines astrology with craftmanship — and challenges you to reconnect with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

If you’re looking for more purpose, clarity and direction, then it’s time to uncover your soul’s secrets and design your custom-made mala. 

Why wait another day to live the life the stars intended for you?

I can help you rediscover your magic...

"Tula is a place and a process of becoming. In Tula our thoughts, desires or fears will become instantly ‘real’. What is in our hearts cannot remain hidden. What is felt in the heart is what is seen in the world. Only love can flow through our hearts in Tula."

William Henry

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