Beautiful Handmade Malas

Tula Rashi Designs offers beautifully hand-crafted knotted mala beads and bracelets.

These original creations are custom-designed by the owner Jennifer, who works out of her home in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jennifer takes inspiration from everything around her including the cosmos, the elements, and soul awakening.

Tula Rashi’s signature piece is called a Soul Contract Mala. It’s a one-of-a-kind mala designed just for you based on your birth chart. Jennifer takes key points from your chart like your sun, moon and rising signs, among others to help you along your journey and hand select crystal beads to accentuate these features. Learn more about Jennifer’s Soul Contract Mala’s here

"Tula is a place and a process of becoming. In Tula our thoughts, desires or fears will become instantly ‘real’. What is in our hearts cannot remain hidden. What is felt in the heart is what is seen in the world. Only love can flow through our hearts in Tula."

William Henry

About Jennifer

In this life, I am meant to help people, and it turns out, I can do this through jewellery. 

It all comes back to what we’re born to do and this can be found by unlocking your birth chart. Creating a mala made from gemstones that highlight key points in your chart will help you to unlock your soul purpose and get you in line with your higher self. It is a wearable reminder of who you are, why you’re here and what you’re meant to do. It highlights your journey in this thing called life. 

You’re so much more than you think! Check out my custom Soul Contract Malas here

Some of my other offerings are inspired by my surrounding landscape (Eastern Canada is a goldmine), the cosmos, the elements and spiritual enlightenment.

Let me tell YOUR journey bead by bead.

Photo of Jennifer Goguen, owner of Tula Rashi Designs