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Hi there! I heard you used to be free-spirited, full of inspiration and ready for anything…

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But then you had kids, started juggling work with playdates and only got to see your husband for ‘nights-out’ maybe a few times a year. 

Your calendar was maxed out, with your family running circles around you, and at some point you started counting ceiling tiles at work wondering what the heck happened to the passion in your life?!

Now that the kids are older and you have more time on your hands, what you’ve realized is that you’ve completely lost touch with yourself

You miss the clarity and sense of freedom you once had, the passion you felt for your job and the belly laughs you’d share with friends. 

After all those life changes, it’s easy to feel misunderstood at work, under appreciated at home and completely overwhelmed by the monotony of your life…

Imagine if you found the spark to reignite your passion for life!

It’s time for a change. It’s time to find joy in your life again.

Set aside the limiting belief that you never have any time to devote to yourself because in order to love others, you need to love yourself first. 

Make time for quiet inner reflection (even 10 mins a day can make a huge difference) and listen to and honor the voice in your head that says, “I need more time for me.’’ 

Your Me Time starts now.

What you are seeking is clarity—the kind only the stars can provide.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Goguen and I tell YOUR story bead by bead...

by creating your birth chart mala with you.

I’ve worked with people with any number of challenges and helped them find purpose.

My clients achieve clarity and build happier lives by better understanding their unique strengths.

The first step is knowing the path the stars intended for you.

I help you find clarity by unlocking your soul’s secrets in a way that will allow you to design a happier, more spiritually aligned life.

I’ve been where you are, and I can help you find your magic, too.

Your Soul Essence Mala & Reading

Work With Me - Soul Essence Mala

Human Design Reading & Mala

Human Design Reading and Mala - Tula Rashi Designs


I am truly blessed to have such an amazing reminder of the energy that flows through me and around our stars. What sparked my interest in Jennifer’s work was the use of my personal astrology chart to craft the most beautiful expression of one’s soul.

I’m a visual person and a fellow artist and was excited and a little apprehensive of trusting another to create for me. This was unfounded as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful mala - It just spoke to me.

It has the most mystical energy and hidden depths which cradle me as I continue to explore and find myself. I feel the energy of the chosen crystals amplify mine in a soothing way and wearing this bespoke collection of beads is so powerful.

Working with Jennifer was a pleasure and full of ease from communications to delivery. She is a true goddess of her craft.



Sometimes referred to as a Japamala (meaning garland in Sanskrit) or Buddist prayer beads, a mala is a string of hand-knotted beads that are worn like a necklace. It originated in India over 3000 years ago and was traditionally used as a tool to count the number of mantras or prayers recited. It can also be used during meditation to count the number of breaths or intentions.

Locate the large guru or marker bead that sits at the bottom of the mala right above the tassel if there is one. This is your starting point. Drape your mala over your right hand and beginning with the bead to the right you move your thumb in a clockwise motion over it while reciting a mantra. You continue for a total of 108 repetitions until you reach the guru bead again. The intent is that you can focus on its meaning rather than mentally counting the number of times it’s recited.

In the Hindu and Buddist cultures the number 108 holds many special religious significances such as:

  • 27 constellations x 4 parts = 108
  • 12 Astrological houses x 9 planets = 108
  • Scriptures of the Vedas = 108
  • In Hinduism the god Shiva was known to have 108 attendants
  • Number of letters in the Sanskrit alphabet
  • Number of sacred holy sites in India 

Caring for your mala is very important. You should avoid wearing it while sleeping, swimming or playing intense sports that cause sweating. Also, keep it free of chemicals and perfumes. Because the gemstones are delicate you can use a dry microfiber cloth to polish them. Store in a pouch or lay flat in a jewellery box to avoid dust and picking up negative energies. You may wish to charge or clear your mala from these stagnant energies from time to time by placing it the moonlight, on a selenite wand, in a singing bowl or smudging with palo santo or sage.